A Sunday Evening in Westchester

How much love, joy, and TALENT can you squeeze into one family?  Apparently A LOT!!!

Jon, Jonna, and kids spent the evening strumming, drumming, cartwheeling, and tree-climbing.  They were willing to try fun poses and ideas, as we moved from the backyard to the basketball hoop, to the front steps, and finally down to the basement - the hub of all things musical!

Jonna was also looking to update her head shot for her own professional website.  She felt as though her old shot did not reflect her personality well enough, and was in search of an updated, fresh feel.  Together, we worked on creating a final shot that she not only was thrilled with, but felt reflected her true nature.  



Cartwheels through the grass.  Ah, summertime!

The look of love <3 

Big Bro was a STAR!

And middle bro was a ROCK star!

The Princess.

Like Father, like Son.  (Taken on Father's Day.)

Happy Fam.

Come check out Jon.  This guy can JAM!

Natural beauty in nature.

Traditional height check pic. I think this might be the last year that Mom wins at this game! ;)

It's a topsy-turvy world out there!

Home is where the heart is.

That's some cool DNA!  #eyebrows

Shootin' hoops.  #swoosh

Hello, down there, you three!

Goofballs.  :P

Gorgeous couple.


Talented and kind.  A winning combo!

Jonna is simply radiant!


More cowbell.